Finally, the technology you need to deliver the best coaching method...

Prescribe personalized fitness better

Premium program design software

Built by coaches for coaches

Integrates with OPEX CCP methodology

Improves program quality and organization

Streamlines client communication

Saves you time and sanity

As an OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) coach, you’re looking to do more than write the best workout. You’re balancing exercise, behavior and nutrition, and personalizing it for every client you coach. But designing individual programs with the OPEX methodology shouldn’t require you to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to program.

And now, thanks to CoachRx, you’ll never have to again.

Well, what are you waiting for? Download CoachRx and start saving time!

All-in-one platform

Here are some of our awesome features.

High-Efficiency Training Calendar

Write better programs, faster, with quick access to training splits, exercise videos, FME data, and other important client details, all helping you easily progress clients week-to-week.

Long-Term, Short-Term, and Daily Planning

Stay organized and on track with easy-to-use planning tools that align with OPEX principles of periodization, Energy System Training, and resistance training.

Fitness Monitoring Exercises (FMEs)

Quickly add FMEs to a client’s program for automated structural balance and priorities, plus pattern progressions. And access a quick view with our widget in the workout calendar.

OPEX Body, Move, and Work Assessments

Conduct intake and assessment the OPEX way through CoachRx, and easily identify movement faults and causes for automated priorities—and stay organized while you do.

Behavior and Nutrition Prescriptions

Assign personalized behavior and nutrition programs—and track compliance—to make it easier for your client. Progress nutrition and provide clients with in-app education from OPEX.

State-of-the-Art Client App

Our easy-to-use app for iOS and Android enhances user experience with clear daily priorities, communication and messaging, seamless logging of results, and auto-completion.

Coaching software that scales with you


$ 16.99 /month

You're going to love CoachRx, but don't take our word for it...

CoachRx is a platform that has the potential to help every OPEX CCP Coach implement the principles of the program in a simple, clear way. The beauty of it is that it’s designed for us, it requires no modification to get going, and over time will undoubtedly make the delivery of your Coaching service more professional, effective and time efficient.

Glen Oliver

CoachRx is an evolution in software for trainers. It allows us to program and communicate more efficiently and control all the metrics and planning of our clients in the same place, creating a clearer direction for what we have to prescribe.

Renato Costa

Something that we as Coaches are constantly pursuing in our personalized fitness practice is Efficiency. For me, one of the big upgrades that CoachRx represents is the possibility of having all the information, the data, and all that I need to completely center my focus on every client's design in one place. No more jumping into 2 or 3 screens for all the Notes, the Assessment data, or the FME information

Ronel Velasquez

A coaching app for the professional coach. This has everything I need to program holistic performance, resiliency, and behaviors for my clients. It’s the platform I’ve been searching for!

Ben Seims

Frequently asked questions

Yes, CoachRx is for Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches only, to help them implement the OPEX method of coaching. But it is not a requirement to have completed your final project to start using CoachRx. Any coach who is currently or was previously enrolled in CCP can sign up for CoachRx.

To learn more about becoming a CCP Coach, you can visit our CCP page.

CoachRx Lite is included with the OPEX Education Membership Site subscription. CoachRx Lite is a planning tool to track client consult, assessment, FME’s, and long-term and short-term planning. For workout delivery, behavior and nutrition tracking, and real-time client communication, you will need the full CoachRx subscription. CoachRx does not include OPEX Education Membership Site access.

CoachRx is designed to deliver the OPEX Method with maximum efficiency and precision. Trust us, we’ve tried them all, and this is our answer to the inefficiencies we’ve experienced in other methods of delivering personalized fitness.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and multiple platforms, and hello to a better way to prescribe fitness the OPEX way.

Yes, we have team accounts. Once you create an account, whoever you assign as the admin can choose an appropriate number of clients for your entire team. Your admin can then add coaches to your team account.

Whitelabeling (custom branding) is in the roadmap to be launched in quarter 1 of 2021.

These features are on our roadmap. We want them just as badly as you do!